What her clients are saying:

Thanks to Coach Themis, I dropped 6 dress sizes and gained a ton of energy. Now I created time for myself, for my happiness and the happiness of my family. My productivity actually went up and my business is doing better than ever.
Thank you, Coach Themis.
— Mario G. Valencia, Spain
Life changing! I first worked with Coach Themis at a time when I thought I had everything. Yet, I was heavy, moody and too tired to play with my 2 kids and our Labrador dogs, Oreo and Cookie. I thought my life was complete but all I did was work, gain weight and neglect my family. My wife was tired of my excuses, my heaviness and having to do all the work because I was too busy to do anything. Thanks to Coach Themis, I dropped 6 dress sizes and gained a ton of energy. Now I created time for myself, for my happiness and the happiness of my family. My productivity actually went up and my business is doing better than ever.
Thank you, Coach Themis.
— Mario G. Valencia, Spain
I’m not very good at writing these things but I really wanted to share my experience with Coach Themis. I had been the guy that would lose weight in the Spring and gain double what I had lost by Fall. I was drinking like mad, eating poorly (I used to love Pub food) and thought that I was fit and knew it all because I used to go to the gym when I was a kid. I couldn’t keep a girl because I was drinking so much and my non-sense was getting out of control every time. Then I would get so upset at myself, I’d drink some more, eat more greasy food and go to work I don’t even know how. Truth is, I didn’t like myself and I was expecting everyone to love me.
I was clueless while going about my hamster wheel.
Coach Themis helped me beyond my imagination. I have a better relationship with myself, my employees respect me and surprisingly enough, now I’m married! And fit!!!
Coach Themis, you whipped me into shape! Haha.
— Paul H. Chester, England
Thank you Coach Themis! You helped me drop some serious body fat, get stronger and better manage my stressful workload. As an entrepreneur and inventor, I was working way too much. I was a busy idiot with poor time management and full of excuses. I played some golf but my back was always bothering me because I was weak. I played tennis with my wife (or pretended to) once a week and thought I was fit. I had a knee problem, a sore hip and a big gut. I know it’s ridiculous but I’d rather fly in my private jet without wearing seatbelt than to ask for a seatbelt extender even when I knew I was alone with the crew on the plane. Yes, I was that fat.
A friend in Boca Raton referred Coach Themis’ services to me and I never looked back.
I could go on and on describing the many ways in which Coach Themis helped get in shape and make sense of my bad habits but my suggestion is to write her an email and start taking control of your life. Believe me. You’ll be just as glad you did.
— Frank F. Joburg, S. Africa
Dear Coach,
Thank you for walking into my life and putting things in order in such a simple but powerful way.
You make things make sense!
Everyone notices how much things have improved for me, professionally and emotionally.
I was burned out and didn’t care about the clutter in my head that made my body so tired I couldn’t sleep at night. I felt like I was a big blob with no discipline.
I started to work with Coach Themis three hours a week and I couldn’t believe my improvements. My body fat just melted.
However, I didn’t feel like I was making any sacrifices. If anything, I was gaining my life back after every session.
I think you must be a goddess somewhere. Thank you for all your guidance!
— Boris M. Hvar, Croatia
Coach Themis taught me that my life begins with me. I learned how to exercise, how to eat healthy and how to make time to enjoy life with my family and friends. For years I nagged myself for not losing weight and for not showing up to board meetings with proper attire. I was the heavy guy always wearing gym clothes because nothing else fit me!
I was in such despair I didn’t know where to begin. The worst is that I felt so helpless and embarrassed I didn’t feel I deserved help. But I needed to change because my blood exams were not looking good. It took a lot of courage to enlisted Coach Themis’ help and send that first email.
Well, I’m very happy I did.
The last time I was able to run after a soccer ball was when I was a teenager. I turned forty last year and not only I can do that but I was even able to join a local soccer game twice a week, not counting my new workout regimen.
My mother is relieved that I have lost a good amount of weight and I am so glad for my changes, I’m going to Muscle Beach in Venice, California next spring. That has been a dream of mine for a long time!!!
— Hassan K. Amman, Jordan
I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so kind and honest with me. I needed to change my life and I didn’t even know where to start.
I was not even 38 years old and I was full of health issues due to my weight. I was binge eating and making excuses in my head on how I was somehow going to lose weight.
Living in St. Croix, being at the beach is part of life. My marketing business was booming with clients all over the world, however I didn’t have time for anything. Stressed and frustrated, I’d eat and eat.
My love life was inexistent. I can say that pizza was my girlfriend, lol. Even my dog got fat.
Coach Themis taught me how to eat properly, exercise and take time for myself.
Sounds simple, I know. However, meeting with her via Skype three hours a week ignited things and I was on a roll. I got motivated and things just got better overall.
I no longer binge eat and my hate-hate relationship with myself is part of the past.
Now my life is about balance.
Thank you.
— Matthew S. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Hello Coach Themis,
Thank you for your guidance!
I appreciate your professionalism and how you are straight to the point, making sense of things I was taking for granted.
The changes I’ve gone through in the past few months have been jaw-dropping. My wife stopped nagging me because of my weight and I actually have been playing with my young grandchildren (2 and 6) in the swimming pool, which is priceless.
Before working with you I was the fat guy with all the toys and a lot of money but with no quality of life. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was miserable and I didn’t know how bad things were.
I know I’ve been a hard case due to my schedule but I want to thank you because things paid off big time. I feel strong and free.
Thank you for leading me to the water.
Warm regards,
— Jim C. Rochester, NY
Coach Themis!
I met with you three hours a week and you, in turn, saved my marriage!
Sounds odd but I was so disgusted with myself it was affecting everything in my life. I was fat, drinking like I was in High School and just being a selfish husband to my beautiful wife. I was binge eating and binge drinking on the weekends using golf trips as an excuse to do that and be with my friends. My wife was spending the weekends alone with our dogs Jackie and Stevie and things only changed when she told me she was done with me if I didn’t change my ways. I told my friend and golf buddy Derek about what was going on and he referred you to me.
Thank you for helping me!
I drove from Hollywood, FL to have a meeting with you and from then on you coached me over the phone. What a difference six months make!
I went from being my own enemy to being my wife’s best friend again. Lost a lot of weight but most importantly, we (my wife and I) gained quality of life. I even bought a boat!
Coach Themis, thank you for your knowledge!
— Kurt M. Annapolis, MD
hi, Coach.
Just wanted to say thank you for showing me how to eat well and how to exercise properly. I only had 10% body fat to drop but I was not getting anywhere doing things my way. I was very discouraged. I did the same exercises and ate the same way everyday and I couldn’t understand why I was so tired and still high in body fat.
Coach Themis raided my pantry and put me to do the hard work. Some days I felt lazy but I still did my best. Sometimes my (phone) connection wasn’t the best (I’m in Israel) and still she’d help me drop the excuses and go on with the work.
I can say I changed my ways and with that, gained a lot of health.
I cannot wait for our next meeting!
— Tamir R. Israel
Hello, there.
I said this to you many times but decided to put it in writing. Thank you for all your expertise and grace. You are amazing.
You know when you’re tired of being tired but too tired to take action? Well, that was me. Full of excuses. Coach Themis took me on an unexpected self-discovery journey and I never expected my life to become this good. I feel like I learned how to live a balanced, healthy life in a bit over 7 months, after 20 plus years of living like a yo-yo.
My life is just better.
My productivity is up and so is my cash. I’m in a new relationship with an old girlfriend and my mom is happy I am finally taking good care of my well-being.
Thank you for showing me the way.
— Mr. Arantez San Juan, Puerto Rico
I’ve had many coaches in the past but none has made a difference as Coach Themis has. Absolutely fantastic! Yes, I worked hard and did my part but I could never have accomplished as much without her help. Before I would change things here and there but never really committing to the process. This time things just clicked...
Living part in the US and part in Lebanon made things harder for me due to traveling (I’m American and part Lebanese and love Lebanese foods) and my own way of thinking. I was ok with being below average. I had an excuse for everything when it came to my personal health failures.
Well, once I started to notice changes, then there was no stopping me!
My relationship with myself got better and better, I got so much stronger physically, but also by understanding my behaviour I was able to not bite my own hook (as Coach would say).
Anyway, thank you for being such a wonderful coach. I can’t believe my results. Thank you.
— Sammy B. Byblos, Lebanon
I’ve been overweight my whole life. I finally met the woman of my dreams and got engaged. When planning our wedding I couldn’t find a tux to purchase off the shelf. I felt ashamed. My fiancée never pressured me to lose weight. Yet, I was so angry at myself I felt I had to do something. At the time I was living in Miami Beach and really didn’t care about being one of those fit Miami people. But then I thought of my wedding pictures and my (future) kids and I had to take action. At the time my fiancée and I were planning on getting married and starting a new life in Kuwait. We only had one year before our move.
My hair stylist was from Boca Raton and had told me about Coach Themis. I got her info and we got to work right away.
I can tell you that my (now) wife and I will never forget what she did for us.
Coach Themis helped me build my self-esteem from ground up. Amazing to say but I even started running races.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Caleb S. Kuwait
Dear Coach Themis,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know it may sound lame, but you did change my life.

See, I had been living a life of binge-eating and I had absolutely no idea. With a lot of hard work from you (because I can be a pain in the a$$) I was able to change my ways and create some serious amount of balance in my life.

My relationship with food was ridiculously unhealthy. I would go from depriving myself from food to the point of faint, into binge eating until I felt physically sick (usually my weekend plan).

I would still be on that wheel if it wasn’t for your guidance, so thank you dearly.

You have such a global approach to your work that you tackled my health from all sides and really modified my perception of myself, my good old self-hate pal that was living in my brain.

I actually feel free.

Even though I was never considered obese and was somewhat active (hey, golf is a sport, isn’t it?) I was really unwell and had a horrendous approach towards me as a whole.

My days of making thousands of excuses are over. Now I see reality head-on and I have the coping skills to deal with the stresses in my life while still taking care of and respecting me!

You’re the coolest on my book
— Matthew, Boca Raton/ Israel
What up, Coach.
Thank you for helping me with stuff that I didn’t even know to be important.
I learned how to shop, how to eat, how to read labels, how to cook(!) and most importantly, how to keep it fit and even stretch. You know I don’t like stretching.
You made a difference in my game of football.”
— Leon, Ft. Lauderdale