"Taking time for calm creation"

I often come across people that ask me "How can I find time to do the things I'm passionate about? All I do is work!"

From my own experience, taking the time for calm creation is the key. But what exactly does that mean?

Well, it means to dedicate a few minutes at the beginning of each day to honour your thoughts and map out or plan what you'd like to attract or to accomplish that day... I see it as a way get in touch with a creative, playful and zen part of your mind where things we are passionate about can be left ignored. And sometimes can make us feel a little resentful.

A friend of mine just had a magical instance a few days ago... She woke up too early and couldn't go back to sleep, so she decided to sit with her thoughts on her sundeck. She listened to the birds, she saw the palm fronds caressing the wind as the wind blew through them. So calm creation happened... The idea for her new business came up so strongly, she cancelled her Saturday morning appointments and dedicated that morning to her new start-up.

Calm creation.

She called me all excited and shared her ideas with me and I'm sure it'll be a big hit!

It's interesting to see how things happen as for years I've been talking to her about mediation, taking time for herself so she could listen to her inner self. Yet somehow things came about in this way. And I am very happy for her.

Later I asked, if you were going about your day the exact same way as you usually do, do you think you'd have gotten in touch with such idea, such creation? And she said "No. I would have hopped on my wheel of hurry and missions and would have never had a chance to listen to that part of me.

I believe that to be true...

Sometimes we can get so lost in our own minds, running around trying to accomplish things and lost in our technologies that we forget that tuning in is a very big part of accomplishing anything that is truly worth accomplishing.

Just like architects need blueprints to bring a thought into fruition, so do we. Honestly, a lot of calm creation happens even before the blueprint.

We can be better architects of our own lives. We can create a better structure daily! Sometimes to build a better day, all we need is a better foundation...

And that foundation may happen just by listening to your calm thoughts.