"I don't like what I look like"

"But I don't like what I look like"

In life there is importance in being satisfied with whom you are and what you look like because that brings the best of being alive into alignment.

Essentially it frees up energy so you can be your best and do your best according to how you feel, with confidence regardless of how others think you "should" look like or "should" do.

Amazingly, you become free in your own thoughts, remove a lot of mental clutter and it just shows in tangible ways.

I don't mean "what you look like" in some conventional and shallow way. I mean what you look like based on your own eyes and emotions towards yourself.

Once you start perceiving your Self as a friend and develop the desire to treat your friend (Self) in the best way possible, then it is inevitable that others will treat you differently than what you're used to because you are treating yourself differently than what you're used to.

All of this regardless to what you actually look like in the eyes of conventional society. Remember that no one will ever please everybody.

But you deserve to be pleased with your Self instead of dissatisfied with your Self.

Maybe a good way to start creating change is to say "I don't like what I am choosing for myself" rather than "I don't like what I look like" and just start choosing something better.

Believe it! The choice is within your reach!