"Happy And"

I was thinking about fairy tales and the fact that I'm terrible at remembering which one is what. I can remember specific details (or what I call in my head "duh" tales) such as a slipper, dwarves, poisonous apples and not know which story it belongs to. I know. It's bad. But one thing I know they all have in common. They're all happy in the end...

Happy endings. Happy end.

Well... Does it have to "end" there?!? What if my wish to all beings that identify themselves with those tales at some point in life is to create an enchanted life where they have a chance to meet their ideal self, you know, the self we dream of being?

I feel that regardless of what stage people are in, experiencing a "happy anding" is more fulfilling than experiencing a happy ending.

We know life can end abruptly.

Happy doesn't have to. (Ask the Dalai Lama if you have any doubts of that possibility).

Truth is that life is lighter when happy is present, even when we are not fully satisfied with ourselves.

What I mean by that is this: some people can go through a very fortunate lifetime completely oblivious of whom they are, what they have and what it really means to have it all, then a small event challenges their core and they crumble. Some people can go though a lifetime of perpetuating the power of their strengths while dedicating no time to befriend their weak spots. Makes me think of Achilles, but that's another story.

Well, I feel that self-awareness, self-acceptance and a deep self-knowledge (one that comes with developing a real friendship with oneself) is what leads to a "happy anding".

We know that change is the only constant.

Why not accept ourselves (which means knowing where we stand), and accept our imperfect bits? I feel that we make room for change and creation that way. We make room for happy.

By working daily on accepting who we are at the moment, we give ourselves the fair chance of improving ourselves towards whom we can flourish into, our ideal selves.

Listening to that nagging voice in our heads that constantly point out every piece we are not fully pleased with makes us want to ignore those unhappy bits and feel unhappy overall. Even when we have everything. Those thoughts create inertia and sometimes destruction.

When I think of happy, I think of action and creation.

Quite simply, I say "rich and happy", "poor and happy", "young and happy", "aged and happy", "fat and happy", "skinny and happy", tall and happy", "short and happy", "introspective and happy", "unwell and happy" but the happy has to be there.

So, maybe by becoming friends with the pieces of our puzzle that we don't like or care to strengthen is the way to happy. By bringing those blind spots into full view we can drop fear and happily embrace the road ahead. Anytime.

May you find your happy anding soon...