"A nag in my head"

You are a wealthy individual, successful, well-respected, well-established and you feel you're fat. Very fat. That's what you tell yourself day in and day out. I'm fat. I'm heavy. And I have everything.

When you go to an important business meeting, you think to yourself "I got this". Big developer (big roller), big bank account and as you walk into a room, you're one of the most important guys, if not the most important. You look around, everyone is wearing very expensive suits they purchased right off the rack. You adjust your belt, the one that splits your belly fat in two and you remind yourself that you shop at a big and tall store. And you think to yourself "focus on what you know, not on what you look like".

You've been standing there for a while during that important presentation. Your brain is on fire, you're just nailing it, then you try to move your toes in your shoes and you remind yourself... "I should have worn the old wide shoes, the ones whose width have surpassed the width of its leather soles because my feet are just too wide". And then you realize your socks are cutting the circulation to your calves making your feet tingle. And if you already developed diabetes, your neuropathy nerve pain reminds you of who's boss. Yet you remind yourself that you are the fat rich guy who's bank accounts prove that you're in control.

So you did fantastic on your meeting, got incredible profits from it and then everyone goes out to dinner to celebrate. And in letting your hair down so to speak, you're letting your professional colleagues in; into your shame, into your heavy ways... And the guys say something jokingly on the way to the restaurant: "you should see this guy eat", "He eats like a vacuum cleaner". So you remind yourself that at that table, you're supposed to be the fat funny guy. You got to entertain others with funny stories, eat more than anybody else (or whatever other excess, like drinking or shopping). Yes, you're that guy.

How did things get to that point?

And you think to yourself... I am so successful everywhere else in my life. I have the homes, the cars, the best technologies money can buy, but I feel so worthless. I feel like I'm a failure in the business of ME! This is me! Shouldn't I be able to manage this situation? Shouldn't I be able to change my fat, excessive ways and get a hold of this? When does this become a problem? What am I waiting for? A heart attack? Diabetes? Kidney failure? Cirrhosis? A stroke? When is enough enough?

And so that nagging voice in your head comes up and reminds you of all your failed attempts to change. All of the extremes you dedicated yourself to before, only to backfire and come back to you with a vengeance as those binges that are still fresh in your memory.

The reality is, there is a constant pattern of thought when you try to relate to yourself. And unfortunately, not a positive one.

"I’m fat. I'm heavy. I’m always tired. I can never rest while I sleep or worse, I can't sleep due to my sleep apnea".

"I can’t drive the beautiful and fast convertible I purchased and so it sits in the garage".

"I don't go on ski trips with my friends because its embarrassing to get on a ski lift. Forget that. Think of shopping for that trip! As it is, I have to have 5-6 tuxedos in my closet because I never know what will fit when I need to go to that last minute gala". On top of that, my wife or girlfriend looks like a bombshell and is always on my ass for being too fat. Too fat to have good sex, too fat to go on dates, too fat to have kids or to play with them".

"I’m unworthy and I have no will anyway".

So you think, "who cares? All these things are not on the top of my priorities".

Truth is, you care. Truth is, it’s worth thinking about being the person you feel you are inside.

And the real truth is, your weight or excessive behavior controls you life.

Imagine all this pain going away... Seriously. Imagine waking up in the morning after a well-rested night, feeling energized and getting a kiss from your loved one followed by a thank you for such a beautiful night. Imagine your business profits skyrocketing due to your new found clarity of thought! Imagine buying whatever you'd like to wear, driving what you'd like to drive and going wherever you'd like to go- even climbing the steps of the Parthenon.

I know what you're going through. I've helped hundreds of people in the past in learning to overcome these stuck places of which they thought they would never learn the skills to get out of.

I have the skills to guide you on your personal transformation journey.

Are you ready to take action?