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"Your health is one investment that is guaranteed to pay dividends".

Coach Themis has only a few slots available each month.

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Coach Themis offers personalized sessions to assist clients in taking the steps in changing their current habits and patterns in order to increase their wellness.

"One of the hardest and deepest parts of my work as a coach is to fully comprehend what leads my client to a behavior of over consumption.

Just guiding someone to "diet" is not enough. Just guiding someone to exercise is not enough.

To simply expect someone to willingly curb themselves without awareness of their traps and triggers when overconsumption is what they do is practically setting someone up for failure.

Most people that are trying to lose weight or curb a life of excesses did that many times and haven't surpassed the yo-yo stage.

Becoming aware of all moving parts and being held accountable to behaviors that contradict ideals and goals is key! And in going through ups and downs and actually learning the lesson being brought forth, let's say, on a silver platter is essential to feeling the success of overcoming excess.

Whatever the excess is. Being overweight, overdrinking, overshopping. These are all out of balance behaviours that most likely do not bring people the happiness they thought they'd achieve.

My method works because, among other things, it involves a complete in depth approach to looking at every single factor of your lifestyle choices and how to make it better- step by step, with kindness and understanding. I am not here to judge you. I am here to guide you through a journey of self-discovery if you're open and ready to do just that.

If you've had enough of your mindless consumption and the aftermath that brings you farther away from what you really want, then maybe it's time to take some action.

My opinion is that it takes more mental space to constantly criticize yourself inside your head than it does to take action. Yet, just taking action does not lead to success (however small that success may be). Taking 'right action' is the key!

"Just like there is a method to managing a successful business, there is a method to managing your inner self."

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While just one session of coaching can give you clarity to produce results, the process works best when there are regularly scheduled sessions over a set period of time.

Coach Themis works with clients all over the world via Skype and also in person in Boca Raton, FL

I am here to be your coach.

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How it Works?

First: We talk on the phone or Skype and see if we are a good match

Second: We schedule an initial session. Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs.

 Third: You choose the frequency of your ongoing sessions. By sharing your commitment we have focused meetings once, twice or three times a week or twice a month, that help you gain clarity, let go of anything that's holding you back, navigate your crossroads and ensure that you stay on track with your goals.

What her clients are saying:

I was so overly concerned with my practice that I forgot to take care of me. Before working with Coach Themis, I was the unhealthy and wealthy doctor telling my patients to follow a healthy regimen. I didn't even notice how bad things were. Working as an ER doctor, I felt I was active enough due to the running around until my back gave out and I was too weak to pick myself up with my arms. My back had gone into full spasm from being so tight and from my gut being so weak. Coach Themis helped me in being more balanced and not so "all or nothing" if that makes any sense. I would do things into waves; run and under-eat, under-sleep and over-work, take days off and do absolutely nothing good for myself.

Thank you for making things better, Coach!

Richard P. Boca Raton, Florida